A Walk Through Our Winter Garden

The gals layed some beautiful eggs today.

It has been chilly here in coastal North Carolina lately…..I even went out to my car this morning and it was icy all over my car and my car doors were sticking that is such a rare occurrence in our area so I bundled up in my sweater, socks, and coat and headed on to work.  I have learned it’s best too just keep moving on colder days because my office is quite chilly too this time of year.

our carrots are being stored perfectly in the ground

This afternoon while I was collecting the eggs I decided to snap a few pictures of what our garden is looking like this time of year…..we do have a few cold weather loving plants!  The carrots featured above absolutely love just being tucked into our raised beds for safe keeping…it’s built in storage in the garden!

Bunching Onions Loving The Cool Weather

The onions are loving this cool weather too I have to start making some Quiche soon!

The Gals enjoying some treats!

The gals are enjoying some treats during our cold January!  This time of year the gals actually enjoy oatmeal and left over bread this time of year.

We have Pak Choy and Bok Choy in the garden

The kale absolutely loves this cooler weather and all of our greens have just been delicious!

1-4-2013 11-39-22 PM

I really can’t quite explain the freshness of our greens but I will tell you I don’t like to buy greens from the grocery store because they just don’t taste as good in my opinion!1-4-2013 11-40-54 PM

The other day I served Pak Choy with our pork chops and black-eyed peas for New Years day instead of the traditional southern collards and it was amazing but as far as I’m concerned all of the food we serve from our back yard is amazing because its superior to anything that you can get from the store because when you grow food in your own garden you can control the quality of the ingredients and you know what is on your dinner plate!  I hope all of you enjoyed taking a walk through our winter garden!


About Lil' Suburban Homestead

We love to garden, raise chickens, cook, read and all in all run my lil' suburban homestead. We have a passion for living sustainably with the earth which can be challenging at times. We recycle, hang our clothes out on the line and raise some of our own food!
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13 Responses to A Walk Through Our Winter Garden

  1. shanna says:

    I truly enjoyed your stroll through the garden! I recently relocated to the South and really feel the need to garden.. I’ve moved from ten acres to a much smaller suburban yard. I have a plan to create a “food, not lawn” type of a garden.I’m hoping that it will work! Your winter garden and the girls look great!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year! I’d love for you to visit and if interested perhaps a guest post on gardening?


    • Shanna thanks so much for taking a moment to leave a comment. I have such a passion for creating an edible garden at our lil’ homestead! I have done a few guest posts on gardening and I would love to do one of for your blog thanks for asking 🙂 I will pass on your compliment to the gals too! My email address is lilsuburbanhomestead@gmail.com maybe we can talk more!

  2. Katherine says:

    I really need to get better about the winter garden thing. I just HATE being cold so the thought of going out and taking care of plants when it is chilly is not exactly favorable. I do know I need to do it though for the whole independence thing.

    • Sometimes I agree us summer loving folks struggle in the winter but I love that we can really grow stuff here in the winter……and the greens are really yummy but I understand wanting to stay where it’s warm too 😉

  3. Nice looking garden produce you’ve got there, Karen Lynn!

  4. I love how you labeled your eggs! We’ve got six “ladies” in our coop, each one with their own egg design, too. I think of each one as I gather, wash and use each egg. I’m also quite jealous of your garden this time of year. We’ve been in the single digits and teens lately over here in Eastern Oregon. Nothing in our garden is happy. All I can say is,tThank goodness for canning jars and freezer bags. 🙂
    Happy Sunday!

    • Beth I absolutely know what you mean…I sure do miss my tomatoes and peppers right about now…but those of us that garden and can all the hard work pays off for us all winter long aren’t we blessed? It was fun to guess with the eggs I love playing with digital media anyway! We have been in the 29’s lately at night and I prefer the upper 30’s in the winter…so I have been in my robe and slippers this weekend a lot! Have a great Sunday!

  5. gardenoflisa says:

    Hi Karen! Love to see green this time of year 🙂 I would love to have you share this tomorrow on the Winter on the HomeAcre Hop!

  6. daisy says:

    Glad that you still have goodies in the garden! Stay toasty!

  7. cyferREDrose says:

    such lovely eggs you have!

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