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Flying The Coop

“so we won’t have one fly the coop again!” Continue reading

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I made this amazing chocolate marshmallow cake for my son’s birthday party today!

I grew up with having chocolate marshmallow cake for special occasions when I was growing up and my Dad loved it…….but this week I stumbled on a new version and it is amazing!  The only difference was that I did … Continue reading

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Preserving the Harvest 2010

Canning is rewarding and while it is not instant gratification it is extremely gratifying. I can’t take all the credit either because my daughter helped me make my peach salsa this year and my husband always pitches in it can become quite a family passion!
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Eating what you grow

I have met a lot of people that seem to like to grow vegetables but they don’t exactly embrace eating what they grow.  We have never had any success with cabbage but this year we did I attribute that to … Continue reading

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Peaches and Pesto

I have some basil I need to put up tomorrow and I have to stop procrastinating about the peaches in my crisper bin……I will most likely make peach salsa as the last batch I made turned out so great!  My … Continue reading

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Welcome to our Lil’ Suburban Homestead

I have a passion for sustainable living, and living closely with the earth.  This affects my family and those I love in many different ways.  I raise chickens and my husband and I try to grow as much of our … Continue reading

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