Freshen Up Fall, The Last Game of Football & The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 37

Before I get into my post this Saturday and before we start our new link up for The Homesteading Trading Post for the month of November I would like to mention all of the fantastic blogs that linked up last month you will not want to miss a one of them!  All of these blogs have are loaded with information on gardening, cooking, homestead living it’s really convenient one stop shopping for sure!

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It’s Time To Freshen Up Fall & Our Last Football Game Of The Season!

Oh by the way #62 is my son!

I don’t know why it must be the holidays coming up but this is the time of year I like to fresh up for fall.  Today we will be painting either the deck or the front porch we will also be cleaning up some in the yard.  We also will be doing some touch up painting in our house which you can see my dining room needs some work in this next picture.

Funny that this mood has struck me right after our last football game of the season.   I have such mixed emotions about football season being over for us.  Last night we went to the play off games in Central North Carolina and we lost by 10 points.   I won’t even go into here how that wasn’t accurate because we all know if the referees allow something even if its illegal we have to abide by their ruling.  That’s why I thought this photo was appropriate for my mood today about the refs from last night’s game!  (photo above is not from that game) My camera was not charged yesterday plus my son did not start as his knee injury hasn’t quite recovered.  I walked off the field last night glad that my son would have more time for homework and other recreational pursuits but I also wondered what will I do on Friday night’s now I mean this has been going on since mid August.

Now it’s time to link up to “The Ole’ Saturday Monthly Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No.  37 I cannot wait to see what all of you have been up too this month!  This is a family friendly monthly blog hop and a place to share all of your homesteading topics such as canning, survival skills, cooking, gardening, composting, living sustainably, soap making, sewing, and crafting just to name a few!  We have been canning applesauce this past week what have you been doing?  Link up now!

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Lastly with this being the month of November and it is a time where families start getting together for the holidays it is also a time for remembering those we loved who are no longer here with us.  So I am going to be thinking about what I am grateful for this month….last year I posted every time I blogged what I was grateful for but this year I am going to post one blog that is going to be my gratitude blog and then I am going to have a “Gratitude Blog Hop” for all of you to link up too just in time for Thanksgiving!  I hope you join me because I know I for one have a lot to be thankful for.


Oh and have a great weekend everyone!


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We love to garden, raise chickens, cook, read and all in all run my lil' suburban homestead. We have a passion for living sustainably with the earth which can be challenging at times. We recycle, hang our clothes out on the line and raise some of our own food!
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8 Responses to Freshen Up Fall, The Last Game of Football & The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 37

  1. Hi Karen!! The weather is getting cold here in Canada now so I have some last minute outdoor cleaning to do and it will be packed up for the winter. Thanks for sharing my recipe!! Every Friday now I am showcasing recipes from blogs I follow so this is a great way for me to learn of other sites that post recipes. When is your thanksgiving? What foods do you serve as tradition? Cheers Karen. Mr.CBB

    • Mr. CBB Thanks for stopping by I will have to post my Mom’s famous stuffing recipe that she often makes at Thanksgiving soon so you can share with your readers! We have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and the like typically. My husband loves green bean casserole too 😉 Do you guys eat green bean casserole up there?

      • I don’t but Mrs.CBB has talked about.. green beans with cream of mushroom soup and onions on top? Is that what you do?

      • Mr. CBB ha ha yes you mix cream of mushroom soup with green beans and milk I think maybe a dab of butter and then you sprinkle those french fried onions on top very unhealthy but a fave of my husbands…..for me I’m a turkey gal I am all about the turkey, stuffing oh and some good jellied cranberry sauce. I could even do without the desserts actually.

      • Ya that’s the stuff.. those crispy bits… not sure if I’d like it but I’d give it a go.

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