Colonial Raised Bed Garden Reveal and The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 20

It’s time for our “Colonial Raised Bed Garden Reveal”……we were so excited to show you all these photos that my husband climbed up with his climbing tree stand which I must admit did make me a little nervous.

We are so proud of how well it turned out now once we added the gravel, the fountain, and the river rock it did raise our budget on this project however you could do this same project with less expensive options too.  Now what you cannot see very well in this picture is that at the left end of the garden as shown in this picture are some homemade trellises built out of our bradford pear tree branches will be used more and more as the garden matures.  You can see a little more of the trellises in the background of the photo of me!

We went to Stone Garden to pick up the river rock which is a field trip in itself… is now one of my favorite places to dream up some more ideas for our lil’ suburban homestead and in the photo above you can really see a close up of the river rock we picked out!  I have to say I love this beautiful “one of a kind” fountain the Viking in my life built me… husband drilled holes through all of these rocks and stacked them together and the fountain just sounds beautiful while its running but it’s not only designed for beauty it’s also a watering hole for our bees.

The rope around the garden is a visual cue for our dog River not to walk in the garden and lucky for us he is super smart and it works!  😉

It’s time to link up to The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Edition No. 20.  but just as a side note every time I mention to all of you that I have a plan on the horizon something else comes up….so now I really know what the expression “the best laid plans” means.  So no  more planning for a while at least on the project front I am just going to go with the flow.  If you are like me you are extremely busy right now so feel free to link up anything you have done this past year  or even dig in your archives.    You won’t want to miss them! 

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Thanks so much for linking up and if you don’t have a blog thanks for stopping by and checking out our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!  Thanks for taking a tour of our new Colonial Raised Bed Gardens!

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!



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We love to garden, raise chickens, cook, read and all in all run my lil' suburban homestead. We have a passion for living sustainably with the earth which can be challenging at times. We recycle, hang our clothes out on the line and raise some of our own food!
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38 Responses to Colonial Raised Bed Garden Reveal and The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 20

  1. Man, that is one beautiful garden. I love the overview picture and your fountain is beautiful too.

  2. That is so beautiful! What a great project with great results!! And a great top picture looking down! You must be so happy with the results of your hard work!

  3. Rose Petal says:

    I love it! It’s beautiful! What a sense of satisfaction you must feel.

    • Rose Petal we absolutely love it and what I love the most is that it is so efficient…..the summers get really hot here so the finishing touch will be the irrigation system that will be very simple but its coming! True we won’t do this all over our yard so our high maintenance plants will go in here!

  4. Kristi says:

    Oh Karen Lynn—-I LOVE your colonial raised garden, it’s absolutely lovely! Great job, you guys! The ‘bonus’ rocks look wonderful, and your fountain really compliments the whole garden. Really beautiful. 🙂

    Linking up now! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Those look amazing! Are the squares 4 x 4 feet?

  6. WOw! it looks fantastic!!! awesome job!

  7. kslois says:

    Great pictures, wonderful garden.

  8. kslois says:

    KarenLynn, I’m noticing the trellis beside you. We have been making twig fences and I’m intrigued by your tall trellis. Can you comment more on those, and is there a picture of them?

  9. Sarah says:

    That is a beautiful garden! I love it!

  10. Kathy says:

    Really pretty ! You all did a wonderful job.

  11. SimpleP says:

    What a fantastic project! You must be ecstatic. And I love the fountain. I will have a fountain in my garden some day. Congratulations. It is a garden to be envied!

  12. Grace says:

    That’s gorgeous! Y’all did a great job!

  13. Sherri says:

    your garden is too cute! The Bee fountain is so nice too. It’s nice to see your husband using that deer stand in the “off season”…lol

  14. Julie says:

    That is simply amazing! I can appreciate all of the work and planning that went into this beautiful garden!!

  15. Kelly says:

    Wow you all did a great job, it is so pretty.

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