Making Your Own Pollen Patties To Feed Your Bees

Raising Bees is not an inexpensive hobby…..just ask any of your Bee Keeping friends.  I still remember our excitement when we first picked up our bees!  Not everyone agrees with feeding the bees but my husband feels strongly that this is what our bees need.  Purchasing Pollen Patties from a vendor or online proves to be very expensive.  A half pound of Pollen Patties run around $9.95 plus shipping.    You can also purchase bee pollen as well which I have heard from local Bee Keepers have gone up in price recently.  Of course everything has…..just about.   We can make a half pound for much less than that although we use Brewers Yeast and our local Co-op it is not cheap.  However Brewers Yeast is loaded with nutrients and all we add to this is soy flour and dried milk and some inverted sugar water.  Basically this is really a protein supplement that we are hoping will give our colonies the boost they need to winter over well.    I will post the recipe from the Scottish Beekeepers Association but the ingredients are such that we are comfortable with feeding this product to our bees and they love it! Some websites I have taken a peek at put their pollen patties in freezer paper and then cut a v in it for the bees to get to.  Our pollen patty was firm enough that we did not have to do that.   I know we will learn what works best for us just as you will for your own hives.  Feeding your honey bees is very subjective and depends upon the preference of the beekeeper.  Here is the video of my husband placing our homemade pollen patty on the hive.

Here is the Pollen Patty recipe we used from the Scottish Beekeepers Association:

It’s basically:

The dry mix consists of the following:
x Soybean Flour, 3 parts by weight
x Dried Brewer’s Yeast, 1 part by weight
x Dry skimmed Milk, 1 part by weight

Thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead! Let me know if you decide to try this recipe……and oh yes if you hear my voice on that video I have a cold I think I caught it in the mountains 😉


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2 Responses to Making Your Own Pollen Patties To Feed Your Bees

  1. Karen Lynn,
    That was very educational. I hope to have bees too, someday. After we retire to the country somewhere. I am following everything you write about concerning bees. Thank you for sharing so much information.

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